OPAQUE Retouching’s history goes back to 2009, when Ben Nicolaus enrolled at a photography school in Berlin in order to become a professional commercial photographer. Early in his education he fell in love with the sheer endless possibilities in the world of digital retouching. So Ben spent a lot of his free time retouching photos in order to advance his Photoshop skills. That is when the idea of becoming a commercial retoucher first emerged.
The next step forward was a full time assistance job for the Berlin based editorial and commercial photographer Benno Kraehahn. For two and a half years he accompanied Benno’s everyday jobs, working as a reliable digital operator, set technician, light assistant and as time passed, number one retoucher. Since 2016 Ben has provided his skills as a digital operator and retoucher for a number of other high end photographers and agencies.

OPAQUE ensures a well balanced workflow, providing the technical equipment, handling data, understanding lighting and bringing calmness to the set at the same time. We can help you to plan, execute and retouch a photo production and help you with the logistics. Ben is a native Berliner, fluent in German and English with a network of photo assistants and fellow retouchers in case the timeline or circumstances for the production require additional human effort.

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